Skilled personnel and subject matter experts will provide up to date and relevant support and assistance.-Inclusivity Solutions at Work

About our Facilitators & Capacity to Deliver

TIA is well positioned to deliver a wide range of employment equity, transformation and diversity solutions to clients across the African continent. 

A competent team comprising of facilitators, various subject matter experts, diversity practitioners, design and development specialists, project managers, communications specialists, psychologists and change managers work closely to ensure that the best skills are utilised for our projects as may be needed. Where necessary, additional industry leaders, subject-matter experts and legal experts are contracted and or consulted with, on a project-by-project basis to ensure accuracy, currency and relevance of the learning content. 

The organization and chief facilitation team has a demonstrable track record of achieving tangible impact in large and small organisations. This is evidenced by the fact that all projects implemented since the inception of TIA’s business have been highly rated by our clients and have resulted in strong referrals and repeat business. Clients are invited to contact us for references.