Employment Equity-Inclusivity Solutions at Work

Training and Workplace Sensitising:

- Employment Equity
- Disability
- Diversity
- Unconscious Bias
- Inclusive Leadership


Consulting & Research Services

Our research and benchmarking services assist our clients to stay abreast of developments, and how they their positioning in the marketplace. Our research studies are tailored to our clients’ needs, and designed to bring best practices and leading edge findings to the solutions we offer.

Transformation Planning and Information Sessions

Our planning and information sessions cover all transformation and employment equity (EE) requirements. This includes assistance and advice to employers and stakeholders on plans relating to full EE Compliance, namely the EE analysis, training of EE committees, developing and implementing EE plans, tracking and monitoring progress and managing the communications process. We assist organization will full project plans, strategic and operational support.

Research and Stakeholders Engagement Surveys (EE Act Section 19 Analysis)

Transformation Integrated Africa’s team of research specialists have worked closely with the Department of Labour on Section 43 Review requirements, and we successfully assist organisations to ensure that their EE analyses are conducted objectively and fairly and that it not only meets legal requirements – but that it also lends to meaningful results for future EE and workforce plans. We are able to assist with all Section 19 (EE Act) analysis requirements: policies, practices, procedures and the work environment - stakeholder engagement and employee satisfaction studies.

Employment Equity Audits and EE Act Section 43 Reviews

Transformation Integrated Africa’s employment equity specialist teams are able to assist companies with their EE Act Section 43 Reviews.

Our experts can:

  • Draw up a recovery project plan to deal with the Director General’s findings and recommendations.
  • Provide templates and conduct meaningful numerical analyses of your workforce profiles and in so doing identify gaps in relation to over and under-representation in your organisation.
  • Set achievable targets.
  • Draw up KRA’s and appointment letters for EE managers and forum representatives.
  • Establish your EE forums and draw up your terms of reference and constitution documents.
  • Facilitate planning and strategy sessions to assist you in you in developing procedurally and substantively compliant EE Plans.
  • Develop policies and frameworks for Employment Equity, disability and gender interventions and well as diversity management.
  • Provide step-by-step templates to assist in the development of plans.
  • Conduct training for EE forums, Executive teams and line management.
  • Conduct Stakeholder engagement surveys, policy, practices and procedure analysis.
  • Set up mechanisms for monitoring, measurement and on-going analysis.
  • Complete and quality check EEA2 and EEA4 reports before submission to the DOL.
  • Develop effective communication strategies to ensure that the employer’s duty to “inform” and “consult” is complied with.


Executive Briefings and Planning Sessions

These sessions are intended to provide a high level, strategic overview to busy executives. Executives have the opportunity to unpack some of their challenges in a manner that allows them to lead change and provide relevant sponsorship to their transformation champions.